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May 2018

5 Signs it’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

We get it: keeping your business tasks internal is tempting. This business is your baby, so you probably want to [...]

April 2018

Why You Should Use Attraction Marketing For Your Business

  What is attraction marketing? Is it just another marketing buzzword? Actually, no. Attraction marketing is something you would be [...]

March 2018

What’s the Difference Between Native Apps and Web Apps?

Content is king, and apps are the easiest, most accessible way for people to view it. Everyone seems to live [...]

February 2018

4 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2018

Marketers worth their salt know very well that they have to keep on top of their social media game. That’s [...]

January 2018

What is a VPN Service and Do You Need One?

Cyber security tends to feel like something that is a problem for other people. Until it becomes your problem, that [...]

December 2017

These 3 Everyday Things will be Obsolete by 2022

As we have been working with IT solutions in Marbella for many years, we know better than many that a [...]

November 2017

3 Ways Modern Artificial Intelligence Benefits Your Marketing

Marketers are not the only people who will benefit from the powerful mode of communication that is AI, but they [...]

October 2017

Real Estate Client Management – Draw Polygons and Select Properties

New Technologies in Real Estate Client Management enable New Ways of Winning in Real Estate! NEW: Draw Polygons on a [...]

Why Email Marketing is Still Number One

Adobe recently conducted a survey that uncovered some interesting details about the success of email marketing. Apparently, email marketing is [...]

September 2017

3 Ways to Win at B2B Marketing

B2B marketing warrants slightly different tactics to typical B2C marketing. For your B2B marketing to be successful, you’ll need to [...]

4 Considerations For Getting Your App Developed

When you have a great idea for an app, it is exciting. You have probably thought about all of the [...]

August 2017

2 of This Year’s Advantageous Web Design Trends

Web design trends can be tempting to jump on when you’re looking to revamp your website, or simply start afresh. [...]

Be One Step Ahead With Carefully Planned Marketing

Let’s assume that you don’t plan to go it alone with your marketing. Depending on how skilled you are, and [...]

July 2017

Why Successful Real Estate Agents Are Geniuses

Real estate agents don’t have it easy. At Optimasit we have worked with many Real Estate agents over the years, [...]

How to Get the Best Out of Instagram

With the ever-increasing popularity of Instagram, the more opportunity you have as a business to utilize it for marketing. Of [...]

June 2017

4 Things to Look for in a Marketing Agency

Client satisfaction should be the number one goal of any marketing agency. When somebody is looking for a marketing professional [...]

Social Media Addiction is Destroying Relationships

Social media is such a huge part of our daily lives now that it is hard to remember how we [...]

May 2017

3 Objectives for Successful Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are an incredibly useful tool for building your business, and for many businesses with serious aspirations, building an [...]

Real Estate Agents: Are You Utilizing These 3 Social Media Platforms?

These days if you want to run a successful business, your communications must be polished and consistent. You must be [...]

April 2017

How to Make Your Content Work for Your Business

Most businesses have come to realise that content marketing for their website has become an essential part of the marketing [...]

Five Reasons Startups Often Fail

More and more people are leaving full time employment to follow the dream of being their own boss. No more [...]

March 2017

Why It Might Be Time To Join The Dark Side

It’s nothing new - it’s been around for years but for some reason, the big brands like Adidas and USA [...]

3 Crucial Components of Successful Web Design

Your website is the first port of call your customers go to when they want to find out about you, [...]

February 2017

4 Brand-Boosting Influencer Marketing Tactics

Whether you are starting out with a new business or trying to grow the one you currently have you need [...]

ANGULARJS 2 for Websites, Mobile Web, Native Mobile & Native Desktop

Ask us how YOUR website can be transformed into AngularJS Features of AngularJS: Fast and [...]

2 Affiliate Marketing Trends Coming This Year

What are some of the changes that could shape the industry in the near future? For affiliate marketing, I’ve outlined [...]

January 2017

How Technology will Advance in 2017

The most predictable thing about technology is that it will continue to be one of the fastest-growing industries, spilling new [...]

3 Inexpensive Marketing Strategies for 2017

Marketing has a reputation for being expensive, but it doesn't have to be the case if you know what you're [...]

2017 is the year for Optima-CRM users!

CRM for Real Estate in Spain Welcome to 2017! And what a year is lining up [...]

December 2016

3 Surprising Technology Trends To Boost Your Business

With new forms of technology continuing to emerge into both society and business at unfathomable speeds, it is easy to [...]

Why Conversational Al is the Future of Marketing

Chatting with bots sounds a little futuristic, but in this regard the phrase ‘the future is now’ applies. As a [...]

November 2016

9 Winning Real Estate Marketing Tactics

Competition in Spanish Real Estate is as fierce as ever, and the industry has been through a lot over the [...]

October 2016

4 Social Media Trends Marketers Need to Use

If we were to do the same things on repeat, twenty-four-seven in our daily lives, we would soon be bored [...]

3 ‘Must Know’ Content Marketing Facts

It is very easy to feel so confident in the content you’ve created that it becomes hard to imagine it [...]

September 2016

Marketing Success Through Positive Customer Experience

There are so many ways to market to consumers, and these are changing and evolving at a dizzying rate with [...]

Optima-CRM for Real Estate in the press

Following the Real Estate Conference on 15.9.2016 in Marbella, here are some extracts from the press on the launch [...]

Optima-CRM for Real Estate is Generally Available

This year's Real Estate Conference that was held on 15.9.2016 in Andalucía Lab, Marbella, saw a total of 86 [...]

Press Conference in Marbella Town Hall 13.9.2016

OptimaSys announces the general availability of its Optima-CRM for Real Estate Marbella, Tuesday 13.9.2016, OptimaSys presents in front of the [...]

ICCI Rema joins Optima-CRM

ICCI Rema as part of the ICCI Capital Group, is a renowned real estate business established in [...]

Press conference in Marbella Town Hall on 13.9.2016

Marbella, September 13th 2016: Today marked the announcement of the launch of the [...]

OptimaSys Press conference 13/9/2016 – Town Hall Marbella

Press conference announcing the official launch of "Optima-CRM for Real Estate, Powered by Dow Jones". About: Press conference about the launch [...]

How to Positively and Ethically Market to Children

Marketing is not always famous for the application of ethics, but nonetheless ethics should be carefully applied in some circumstances. [...]

OptimaSys wins case on Trademark for Optima-CRM

OptimaSys is delighted to announce that it has obtained the trademark for it's new CRM for Real Estate solution, after [...]

OptimaSys wins trademark case for Optima-CRM for Real Estate

OptimaSys successfully obtained the trademark for its Optima-CRM for Real Estate solution after a case with the [...]

August 2016

Marbella Dream Homes website goes live

Marbella Dream Homes, the commercialisation website of Smart Property Professional (owned by Real Capital Solutions), hired [...]

What You Need To Know About Minimalist Branding

One of the main characteristics of any successful business is a successful brand. The brand is at least as important [...]

OptimaSys & Dow Jones collaboration agreement

Reputed and longstanding multinational Dow Jones, formed in 1882, agreed to collaborate with OptimaSys' solution for Real Estate, [...]

How to Increase Engagement with Email Marketing

It’s no secret in the marketing world: email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods and for that [...]

July 2016

OptimaSys announces Real Estate Conference on 15.9.2016

The next Real Estate Conference organised by OptimaSys is announced for 15.9.2016 and will take place in [...]

Has the Digital Age Rendered Printed Media Redundant?

Whichever way you look at it, the world is becoming more and more focused on the digital. Whether it’s our [...]

Real Capital Solutions website goes live

Real Capital Solutions, a US-based real estate investment company with European affiliate in Spain, published their new [...]

5 Vital Social Media Considerations

Social media is literally a world of its own. It’s a vast playground for all types of endeavor, but when [...]

Not Missing the Boat in Real Estate

Clients for coastal real estate typically research available properties online, prior to visiting or contacting a listing agency. There are [...]

June 2016

The Future of Real Estate Businesses

Coastal real estate targeting mainly foreigners or nationals with their primary residence at a significant distance, is changing dramatically now [...]

4 Powerful Marketing Strategies to Boost your Brand

Content marketing is here to stay, that much is obvious. The world online as omnipresent as the world around us, [...]

Nine Tips for Expanding your Business

When you have established your business and got it off the ground, it’s easy to settle into comfortable tactics to [...]

Paradise Realty Marbella contracts OptimaSys

Paradise Realty in Marbella is a high-end real estate agency mainly targeting the Russian and Norwegian countries [...]

Start Group in Calahonda goes live on Optima-CRM

Start Group in Calahonda, a long-term OptimaSys client for website, backend system and digital marketing, went live [...]

May 2016

Why Apps and Social Media Platforms connect you with customers

Approximately over the last decade the situation has been the same: with both innovations in technology and competition continually accelerating [...] is awarded Digital Marketing contract Cortijo Care

OptimaSys via its digital marketing arm is awarded the digital marketing contract for Cortijo Care, a [...]

More agencies join the Optima-CRM pilot programme

Several agencies offered their collaboration with the beta testing of Optima-CRM [...]

What you Need to Know about Winning Web Designs

Looking for a web designer in Malaga  – or web design in Marbella - might leave you scratching your head. [...]

April 2016

How to Polish your Business Communication Skills Fast

We all need business communication skills, but it isn’t something we are born with – it’s something we learn, and [...]

8 Reasons Email Marketing Boosts your Business

When you have a marketing budget, there can be many options as to how to invest your money wisely. The [...]

March 2016

February 2016

How to Master the Sales Funnel With Content Marketing

As a Marbella based online marketing company we know that the traditional marketing model known as the funnel, but if not, perhaps [...]

CRM for Real Estate

Isn't time to replace that antiquated Property MLS system? A truly revolutionary new solution for Real Estate Agencies has entered [...]

January 2016

7 Powerful Marketing Habits for 2016 – Boost your Marketing Department

Marketing is not something that you do as an afterthought. Nor is it something that you do half-heartedly. In a [...]

Optima-CRM for Real Estate – Controlled Availability

Optima-CRM for Real Estate is version 3 of OptimaSys' pro-CRM solution for Real Estate. Today the software solution [...]

December 2015

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Optimasit’s marketing company Marbella knows that blogging has established itself as a household word over the last few years, with [...]

Costa Andalucia partners with OptimaSys for Holiday Rentals

Successful holiday rentals company Costa Andalucía in Mijas partners with OptimaSys for the definition of the complex [...]

Making the Most of Mobile Marketing

As a Marbella based online marketing company we know that mobile marketing is growing exponentially in popularity and anybody serious [...]

November 2015

Business 1st Awards 2015

Business 1st Rewards Its Dedicated Members Business 1st is the longest running English spoken business network on the Costa del Sol [...]

The Visual Voice: Your Graphics Speak Volumes

It might not be the first thing a marbella business owner considers when creating marketing materials or website content. The [...]

The Nature of Technology – Are You Along for the Ride?

We are the Marbella online marketing professional and we know that technology moves too fast these days - it’s hard to keep [...]

September 2015

Why Optimise Your Website?

Is there really any need to optimise your website?  What does it really mean and how does it work? All [...]

How to boost your business with mobile technology

Learn how Mobile technology can help you position at the top of Google. connecting our business to the world. Find out more...

April 2015

AMS 2.0 for Real Estate Agencies is Now Generally Available delivers as one of the key Real Estate Marketing & Technologies players on Spain's Costa del Sol, its next [...]

AMS 2.0 for Real Estate Agencies is Now Generally Available

Real Estate Agency solution integrating all you need to run your Agency!

Today Ranking in Google Just Got More Difficult…Again. Unless…

Today is the day that Google (finally) imposes on all websites to cater to the web's most used devices: Mobiles. [...]

Try These New Ideas with Keywords to Rank Your Blog

Try These New Ideas with Keywords to Rank Your Blog   Keywords help rank your Blog So even before you [...]

Don’t Miss a Trick with Blog Writing

It’s a blog eat blog world out there! Don’t Miss a Trick with Blog Writing Do you need [...]

Platforms to Raise Your Game

Platforms that make you stand out! Platforms to Raise Your Game Anyone who wants to promote a website [...]

December 2014

November 2014


SO IF I WAS A PENGUIN...   So if I was a penguin... Google have rolled out Penguin 3.0 and [...]

October 2014

CEO of Speaks on Radio RTV Marbella

RTV Marbella's Nicole King interviews CEO.   Geert Rillaerts - CEO & Founder   Hear the [...]

September 2014



Why you should give a yahoo!

Okay I'll admit it - I am constantly lecturing clients about having some patience, while trying to calm them down [...]

New Google Penguin 3.0 Update Coming to a Website Near You?

Online marketers the world over are on high alert; our ears and eyes have evolved somewhat, and most of us [...]



Digital Marketing Seminar for Real Estate on 23 Sept 2014

  All Secrets Revealed...Period! Following the overwhelming success of our previous seminar last April... Over 100 companies participated to our [...]




REAL CAPITAL SOLUTIONS INVEST 200 MILLION IN MARBELLA   Good news for Marbella as the American company, from Colorado, REAL [...]




Dream Properties Nerja new website goes live

Property experts in Nerja ( launched their new website today. The new website not only introduces a dramatic new design, [...]

August 2014


SEND MESSAGES ON PINTEREST NOW! It may not have been your chosen Social Media Channel of choice, it’s just for [...]

We Want You! is seeking to expand its dynamic team based in Marbella centre. If you are a dynamic, hands-on, driven by [...]


MEASURE WHAT MATTERS How do you measure what is happening in your business? Do you have a clear idea, or [...]

Real Estate Agencies: Free Event on September 23rd – Register now

Following the overwhelming success of the event last April “Like It Or Not, You Need Social Media in 2014″ where [...]

July 2014


GOOGLE+ NOT JUST YOUR AVERAGE SOCIAL NETWORK PLATFORM Act now and be an expert on Google+ (or Google plus), it [...]


BECOME THE NEXT MONA LISA ON SOCIAL MEDIA ONE FOR THE LADIES ! Over 6 million people visit the Louvre [...]




Are you acting out your mission statement? You have to be a marketer in today’s competing world, you have to [...]

Business 1st Member EU Insurance Direct Goes Live

Today new website made by went live successfully. With this new design, which breaks with most 'traditional' (boring) [...]

Announcing New Event for Real Estate Agencies

On September 23rd we organise our next seminar at Andalucía Lab oriented to Real Estate Agents and Agencies. More detailed [...]

June 2014

SEO for Small Businesses…Yes You Can!

Small and midsize businesses have no option other than be seen on the internet. Social media optimisation as well as [...]

May 2014

Secrets to Intelligent Adwords Marketing

Does Adwords marketing work? The quick answer is YES. However there are a few very important things to consider. Google [...]


  HOW REAL ARE YOU WHEN IT COMES TO BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS? Does your profile stand out, will it make [...]

New Estate Agency Solution Official Launch

Good news for the Real Estate Agency community: OptimaSys Group Spain introduces its all new Agency Management System (AMS). One year [...]

April 2014

Trusted Trades Association at the OptimaSys Event

Trusted Trades Association shows its engagement to the business community on the Coast again. This time by participating to the [...]

Like it or not, you NEED Social Media in 2014 – event

The event on April 23rd at Andalucia word: EXCELLENT! And we have to thank this to the 106 companies [...]

How do you sell yourself on online marketing?

Real time Marketing for you and your clients Did you know that 93% of marketers use social media? At Optimasys [...]

How to be the best Estate Agent on Social Media

Connecting Facebook to Pinterest Did you know that Facebook walls are being checked 6 times more often than private email [...]

February 2014

Vamoz – Leef Nu! Is Officially Live

February 19th 2014 – is officially live, and has a clear message to send its target audience in Belgium [...]

October 2013

Outsourcing Your Marketing & Technology While Complying With Laws

In an ever-changing and more complicated market space where budgets are tighter than ever, Marketing has never been as important. [...]

September 2013

R-DMC’S Glass Manufacturer’s New Web Presence

RDMC’S is a family run business with over 189 years of combined experience in the glazing, construction and steel industry, [...]

Social Media Presentation at Business 1st

At the new season's first meeting of Business 1st, OptimaSit provided a Social Media educational session given by Annika Östman. [...]

Social Media for Your Business…at Business 1st on 12/9/13

We all use them...some of us are really addicted to how do you BENEFIT from them? Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, [...]

August 2013

Grupo Smart goes live with their Smart Fusion App

Grupo Smart consists of several Smart divisions covering areas such as Radio, Satellite & IP TV, and printed media. Each [...]

April 2013

Business 1st Web App is live

Business 1st is one of the leading business networks on the Costa del Sol. OptimaSit's strategic roll-out of its new [...]

All WordPress sites: protect your login

There's an aggressive attempt on virtually all WP installations worldwide where malicious intensions are involved to hijack WordPress sites that [...]

March 2013

Death of the Laptop…Rise of the Smartphone

In some languages there are sayings like: the death of one is the bread of another one. A saying that [...]

2013 Update on Smartphone Usage

The rise of the Smartphone is unstoppable: the trend that was started about 3 years ago keeps growing even stronger [...]

OptimaSit presents at Business 1st on March 14th

This Thursday OptimaSit is guest speaker during the Business 1st meeting in Golf El Chaparral, Mijas Costa, Spain. Business 1st [...]

February 2013

Google Updates Ad Campaigns

Google has updated its Adwords Campaigns reflecting the strong increase in mobile usage and mobile searches in specific. Now that [...]

Amrein Fischer (Marbella Exklusiv) Live on Mobile

One of Marbella's finest Real Estate agencies specialised in the German-speaking market, Amrein Fischer (aka Marbella Exklusiv) went live with [...]

January 2013

Golf El Chaparral – Live on Mobile

Golf is an art, a way of life. The people at Golf El Chaparral have understood this very well and [...]

Golf Los Naranjos Marbella – Live on Mobile

The Costa del Sol is often referred to as the Costa del Golf because of its paradise for golfers of [...]

Finally…2013 Has Started FOR REAL!

Happy New Year to all of clients and to those who have no idea that they will be this year... [...]

December 2012

Smartphone Battle: 2013 Preview

Mobile internet will be the principal way people connect online in 2013...that much is sure. So what does this mean [...]

Real Club Padel Marbella

Good news for all lovers of Padel: now you can find all information about the best Padel club in Marbella on [...]

Smart Fusion Apps versus Mobile Optimised Sites

"The Future of Internet are Smart Fusion Apps, not mobile websites nor Native Applications" say leading Internet Technology Analysts in [...]

May 2012

QR Codes & Mobile Websites

What do QR codes & Mobile Websites have in common? A QR code must have a Mobile Site to link [...]

April 2012

Residencia Estates Live on Mobile Site

One of Marbella's leaders in Real Estate based in Elviria, Residencia Estates, now has a treat in store for its [...]

March 2012

Da Bruno Mobile Site Goes Live

One of the most known restaurant groups on the Costa del Sol (San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, Cabopino), Da Bruno, [...]

Google Mobile Advertising on Mobile Websites

Ian Carrington, Google's Mobile Sales Director, says: "There’s benefits for both traditional applications and mobile websites and I think both [...]

Residencia Estates Mobile Website Success

Residencia Estates in Elviria, Marbella, was the first real estate agency to implement a mobile website for smartphone users which [...]

Ocean Clinic Mobile Site Goes Live

Ocean Clinic's Dr. Kai O. Kaye is a renowned figure in the Marbella social scene due to his innovative and [...]

February 2012

Post Holiday Learnings for 2012

Google performed this research in collaboration with Ipsos. Google released their findings of mobile usage of the internet and came [...]

And The Winner Is…

On February 9, 2012, OptimaSit gave a away one of its jewels: a custom-built Mobile Website which enables companies to [...]

January 2012

OptimaSit Presents at CIT Marbella on 9/2/2012

Thursday February 9, 2012, Geert will present in front of 80 companies at the regional meeting of CIT Marbella in [...]

November 2011

Free Guide to Mobile Websites

As the world went mobile, now with more than 60 percent of searches initiated from a mobile device, OptimaSit released [...]

Mobile Websites: Welcome to the Future

Going Mobile with Mobile Optimised Websites is one of the most pressing issues any business with online presence faces today. [...]

October 2011

Marketing-Ready Websites

Websites that look great, but at the same time are the perfect vehicle to bring you to the top of [...]