There are so many ways to market to consumers, and these are changing and evolving at a dizzying rate with new social media platforms and technology springing up all over the world in recent times.

One of the more recent trends is to focus on the customer experience; brands that are successful in providing their customers with a memorable experience are frequently ahead of their competitors and for this if you’re in Costa del Sol you need the help of Marbella online marketing.

Those that recognise this are utilising innovations in social media and other modern channels to the maximum in pursuit of such provisions. Due to the internet, competition is higher than ever, forcing businesses to come up with ever-more creative and engaging marketing tactics.

Goodbye mass marketing, hello data analysis

Mass marketing is a thing of the past, for those in the know. It is emotional connections that are the order of day; giving the customer the impression that their interactions matter and are not solely about monetary exchange seems to have more impact on consumers who are tired of being pummeled with impersonal advertising. Data is gathered across the board and used to get a clear picture of customer motivations and preferences.

Consumers are motivated to buy when presented with more relevant, personal communications, this much is clear. However it can be a complex mixture of tactics that work, given the variety of different personalities out there.  

Refining communications and offers to a high enough degree that the customer perceives them as personal is key. How the message is delivered is of equal importance, so that it is welcomed rather than seen as an intrusion. The less effort your potential customer has to make to view such offers is of crucial importance; nobody wants to have to scroll for minutes at a time over any medium.

Staying on the ball can be one of the most challenging aspects of marketing with customer experience in mind. Appealing to their intelligence means innovation and ability to switch between styles and approaches; and of course staying on top of changing preferences and platforms for delivery. In this way, data analysis is your friend. It will enable you to target people more appropriately, segment your lists more efficiently and deliver highly relevant communications and offers to your customers.

Less effort all round means a win-win situation

Naturally, this method not only increases revenue, but it reduces costs and streamlines your processes so that less effort is expended in your marketing campaigns. The hit and miss method that is mass marketing can create more work for you than not; it’s becoming outdated.  

If you’re not the person doing your marketing – or not the only person – you’ll need to make sure that your people are also in the right mindset. Technology alone cannot provide the customer experience you’re looking to give. Proper training is a necessity, across the board, if you’re not planning to outsource your marketing to marketing professionals.

The necessary approach can vary greatly across industries, with some customers needing to be ‘wooed’ more than others. Those in the wholesale chemical business will need to make a lot less effort to profile and attract customers than a high-street sportswear company like Nike, for example.

What would you want if you were a customer?
Customer experience can be managed in so many ways, but convenience is an obvious one. So if it’s personal interactions in a physical shop, then things like comfortable waiting time should be accounted for and the hiring of employees who understand professional, friendly customer service; whereas if your shop is online, then streamlined checkouts and interactive, engaging and visually appealing content would be a good place to put your attention.