Marketers are not the only people who will benefit from the powerful mode of communication that is AI, but they stand to benefit more than many. Communication takes up a lot of our time, and sometimes it is challenging to keep on top of.

Today’s customers expect almost instant responses, and to delay is to lose a customer to another business. Putting successful efforts into marketing often means an onslaught of enquiries on the route to sales.

AI is your ally

This is where AI can step in as your ally. Communication is changing for the better, and where words on a screen were once the norm, customers are currently becoming used to the concept of verbally communicating with their devices.

Where once this meant phone calls (and therefore manpower), customers find ease in speaking to their devices and getting coherent results this way. From a marketer’s point of view, this not only saves a lot of time; it also means tracking and monitoring of conversations that lead to competent analysis.

With competent analysis, data can be efficiently organised and used for more personal, targeted communications – on time. We have Natural Language AI Interactions (NLI) to thank for this. Here are three ways in which NLI can help us:

  1. Natural conversation

When a customer communicates with their device, they are becoming accustomed to a natural response, indistinguishable from genuine human contact.

Furthermore, social media has enabled easy relationships between brands and their customers. The customer knows that they will get a timely and appropriate response – if they don’t, they can and will go elsewhere.

Both marketing and communicated responses are more personal, and brands that embrace this through social media or other means are more successful than competitors.

  1. Fine-tuned engagement

Chatbots are no longer enough; the expectations of customer service are higher than ever. No longer are simple questions and answers the most a customer can expect; automation is acceptable, but conversation must be unique, personal and timely. The AI in charge must have the capacity to converse instantly and coherently.

We are entering times in which devices are increasingly multi-purpose, with adverts for appropriate products and services popping up through not only apps, but perhaps even cars and other devices previously used for singular purposes. Marketers have a wealth of opportunities to use this. A familiar voice delivering information about local sales, service opportunities and more, via customers’ favourite technologies?

  1. Data collection opportunities

Today’s AI is able to discern details previously unheard of. It can tell you about the mood of the customer from the way they are responding to information given. This would have been impossible through text, which is unable to convey tone without the communicator making obvious effort.

It is now possible to determine whether they are annoyed, confused or happy. Customer needs are more easily deciphered. It can also record this data and make it easily accessible to marketers in order to fine-tune future communications, offers and services.

One important thing to keep in mind is that customers still require the opportunity to converse with a real human when things are going to plan. AI/NLI is not the answer to everything, but it will certainly save you a huge amount of time and effort.

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