Digital Marketing Made To Measure For Real Estate Agencies

Winning in a Highly Competitive Market is Possible!

SEO for Real Estate Spain

Markets requiring Special Measures – SEO for Real Estate Spain

Regardless of the highly competitive landscape of Real Estate in Spain, and in many other places in the world, digital marketing success remains feasible yet it would be very naive to think it’s an easy or short term activity. Years of experience and constant activities make that we have developed the ways and resources to deal with those changing markets and be successful time after time.

It all starts with a website that can easily be updated for content and SEO elements. The design is secondary to this yet important to keep visitors on your site once they land on it, and have them come back.

It’s a misconception that you can only position a handful Real Estate agencies on the first pages of Google or any of the other search engines. Millions of (good & valuable) keywords/phrases are valid and will lead to a notable increase of qualified leads and the eventual sales.

To beat the competition you have to first qualify and quantify their online competitiveness to understand what’s the minimum effort required, after which you can start exceeding the competitors’ efforts.

Especially in highly competitive markets such as Real Estate, where often the same properties are being marketed by many agencies, reinventing the wheel is not recommended. Instead, learn from the successful competitors and do better. We look at a complex combination of SEO strategies and social media for real estate companies in Marbella, and of course real estate agents based here on the Costa del Sol.

Having the advanced tools such as our unique Optima-CRM for Real Estate will allow you to win against all other agencies since this solution is built from the SEO principles. It allows you to position each individual property and project, regardless if it’s your own listing or one shared by another agency.

Describing your targets clearly, based on a reliable and thorough analysis allows us to define the action necessary to compete in your market segment and geography.

SEO for Real Estate Spain

Organic versus Paid Positioning

Organic results seem to be “trusted” (80% of people trust organic search more than paid ads) more but take much longer to achieve, whereas paid results are pretty much instantly visible yet the vast majority prefers not to click on them. At the same time the quality of visitors seems to be slightly higher with paid results.

SEO for Real Estate Spain

Digital Impact Curve

As we can see here above, the curve is an S-shape whereas we identify three phases:

  1. Build: here we build and optimise all the vehicles to be able to effectively compete with the big players.
  2. Grow: through rich content distribution and publishing we create a solid basis of online presence.
  3. Nurture: now that you have relevant tracking online, we solidify your presence as well as broaden it using proven techniques.

The time to progress depends on the online competition and the amount of work spent (budget you decide).