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Web design trends can be tempting to jump on when you’re looking to revamp your website, or simply start afresh. 2017 has brought us several trends in web design. How do you know which one is right for you?

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Not every trend that comes up will be right for your business, so it is important to consider what will work best for your brand. Here’s an overview of two of the best trends from this year:

Journey Mapping

You wouldn’t venture into unchartered territory without mapping your journey, would you? The same goes for web design. Those who like to plan meticulously in order to narrow the margin for error: journey mapping is for you.v

It’s your customer’s journey you’ll be considering though. This approach to web design means you’ll need to get into the minds and emotions of your target audience and preempt pitfalls to create the best possible experience. User-friendliness is key.

There is no one way to journey map; sketch it out in pencil, storyboard or whiteboard. This framework uncovers the most direct route to creating the ideal web experience, keys into areas that need improvement, and leads to an overall better relationship with the user.

Visual Impact

It’s all about the visuals these days, so designing a site with visual impact in mind is wise. People can draw their own interpretations but they’re more likely to remain engaged with powerful images than reams of text.

Imagery needs to be powerful as there is a lot of competition out there; platforms such as Instagram have raised the bar. People are investing a lot more time and effort to acquire the best apps, technology and editing software to create perfect images.

Images that fire up the customer’s imagination and allow them to fantasize are ideal. You’ll still need some simple text, of course, but the more your images can convey, the better. In the same way that high-impact images draw attention, so does a powerful colour scheme, which is another thing worth bearing in mind.

If you need a hand with your web design, Optimasit can help you. It is not easy to know where to start, but we can assist you in understanding which of the strongest web design trends best fit your brand, and how to apply them. Enlist our help and you’ll have a brand new, high impact website before you know it.