Client satisfaction should be the number one goal of any marketing agency. When somebody is looking for a marketing professional to assist with their business, one of the first questions they’ll be pondering is, “how do I know this agency is good?”

We may know very well that we are great at what we do, but how does our potential client know that? With this in mind, we have decided to outline all the things that make us the great marketing agency that we are. We’ve got a well-established reputation to uphold, and we want our customers to have the level of confidence in us that we have in ourselves.

With this in mind, below we have outlined what we feel makes us the best online marketing agency in Marbella. These are the signs you’ll want to keep an eye out for when hiring marketing help.

  1.     We listen to our clients

We are not so full of ourselves that we railroad our clients into doing what we think is a great idea against their wishes. First we ask the right questions to discern our clients’ objectives. When we know what exactly they want to achieve, we give them a range of options that will suit their vision.

We don’t tell them only what they want to hear, and we talk them out of disastrous decisions, but we will always pay careful attention to what they want and stick as closely to that as is feasibly possible. We won’t ever do anything that we know will waste our clients’ budgets.

  1.     We continually educate ourselves and monitor our progress

We are always paying attention to what works, brainstorming what would work better, and tailoring our skills to each client’s needs. With every success story, we have noted what we did that worked well. We log everything so that we can take a good look at how to improve and perfect future projects.

With each new technology released, we have a potential new tool. We make it our business to know the ins and outs of how to use these tools for our clients’ best interests. In making these efforts, we know that we are maximizing our clients’ time and money, bringing them the best possible returns.

  1.     We bond with our clients

Our clients are not just a voice on the end of the phone. In order to understand their business, we need to understand them. We will spend as much time with them as possible, learning as much as we can about how they operate and what they plan to do, long term. In this way we can finely tune our assistance to suit their ongoing operations.

If we can make a friend out of it during the process, it’s a win/win for everyone! Camaraderie keeps things interesting, and we are a friendly kind of agency.

  1.     We are selective

It’s not all about money for us. We value our time and reputation as much as our clients value theirs – that’s why they are coming to us for professional assistance. If we feel that we’re taking on a project that is hopeless, or working with a client with questionable ethics, we reserve our right to say no.

This is because we won’t waste anybody’s time or money, and we know that our expertise is more useful to those who actually want to listen to a professional and take their advice. Sometimes people come to us just wanting confirmation that what they’re doing is right – and they don’t want to hear that is isn’t! Not a great start to a working relationship. We see our clients as potential partnerships, however temporary. That requires two-way input, and mutual respect.

Optimasit haven’t got as far as we have through putting our feet up or sitting on the sidelines. We offer everything from online marketing to web design and dedicated hosting in Marbella. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know if we’re the ones for you.