Good news for Marbella as the American company, from Colorado, REAL CAPITAL SOLUTIONS  have chosen the desirable location of Marbella for their future investment of $200 Million. The company have three decades of experience and have seen the clear business opportunity Marbella presents them.


Overseas Investment for Marbella

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At OPTIMASIT.COM we are proud to say we designed the advanced PROPERTY PORTAL for REAL CAPITAL SOLUTIONS, which is an improved marketing system. Real Capital will distribute access to the properties amongst many local and even more international agencies and handle all the appropriate marketing. Unique for their clients as they have the opportunity to brand themselves within this distribution process.

Individual companies will be able to handle their own marketing campaign, alongside the parallel marketing by Real Capital Solutions that in Spain is known under the name of Smart Property Professional.

There are a number of developments that have sparked their interest, builds with strong foundations namely, ‘Cosmo Beach Marbella’ and ‘Valley Heights’. As a leading company they make the investment, then continue with the upgrade, which in turn adds value to their projects. Other agents come on-board to realise handling the completion of the projects, namely the sale. To date there are over 380 companies on-board with handling the sales and accessing this system.


Overseas Investment for Marbella

Cosmo Beach Marbella


Overseas Investment for Marbella

Valley Heights Marbella


Not only are they investing in mainland Spain they also have additional activity in Menorca.

They haven’t been short-sighted to see the opportunity in ‘distressed Real Estate’. they off-loaded 80% of their commercial Real Estate property before the crash in 2006. So now armed with their profits they are able to invest in areas and property that will give them high profit returns.

This is not their first encounter with Marbella back in November 2013 they launched 53 beach front apartments to the Marbella property sales seen in the publication Johnny Gates Marbella+ Online Magazine.  



This platform outperforms other systems the Real Estate market have been using to date, with its advanced features the SPP system has built on the success story of Altavista and created it’s own success version.

Designed to deliver faster results, this systems technology has been developed with a more superior and advanced architecture and framework, with the fastest SEO – friendly technology.

It’s a system with outstanding features for companies to handle their own Marketing in a creative and more bespoke manner. They will be able to handle bookings, create branded brochures, build mini websites and landing pages, along with call to action email marketing campaigns.

It has all the functions of a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management).



OPTIMASIT has designed this unique SMART system and offer other companies an individual option in what is called the AMS System. This system is designed in the same way offering equal features and capabilities. It was created with individual agencies in mind.


Overseas Investment for Marbella



  • Properties Management
  • People Management
  • Tasks Management Integrated
  • History Tracking
  • Marketing Tools
  • Reporting

This system will be featured at our upcoming event at Andalucía Lab,

here you will witness first hand the benefits of integrating the AMS into your Business model.

This system is the heart of any business. It’s up to you how involved you make it within your team, you add new functions, reports and templates. GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR AMS.