Approximately over the last decade the situation has been the same: with both innovations in technology and competition continually accelerating – plus trends changing at dizzying speeds – marketers have to be sure to be on top of their game, either personally or via a reliable associate. App development in Marbella is no exception to this reality.

Mobile apps are the way forward, there’s no denying it. The app world is a big one and you can either use those mega-famous ones to your advantage in the same way many others are or you can design one tailored to your specific market with the aim of enhancing your customer’s convenience. Ideally, you’ll do both!

What’s app with your marketing techniques?

Instagram is increasingly popular and has recently decided to start counting the number of views each video gets, so that it will be much easier to monitor who – and how many – are watching your videos. This is of course extremely important if you are venturing into using videos for your marketing. Instagram could now be an extremely useful app to get you connected to your potential customers. Even if you didn’t think you had a reason to use it for marketing before, you may now have a major opportunity at your fingertips.

Those who are successfully utilising social networks might tell you that messaging apps are the latest tool for connecting with customers. In terms of engaging with people, it’s certainly the more personal option. Which of course means you’ll need to be careful how you go about it. When properly done marketing this way can result in a good rapport with customers. They will feel familiar with you and be open to your communications, your target products and offers; communications should be kept relevant in order to not irritate and alienate.

It is also very important to offer support which in turn builds the trust you require for engagement and social messaging – social media for Marbella real estate – is a great way to do this. The customer will probably prefer to contact you this way to save time and money and if they’re already using this platform recreationally, it’s convenient for both them and you.

Your options are almost endless

Facebook is a great example of how businesses can communicate with their customers; it provides a platform that makes it simple to promote without spamming. Currently it is testing a new personal assistant in Messenger, named “M,” including the introduction of other new options such as customer service feedback and payment methods through the app. There is talk of `whatsapp´ following suit this year too.

In the world of ‘antisocial’ social media people seem to spend more time communicating online with each other than in the flesh and this goes even for family and close friends in many instances, such is the state of affairs with the busy modern lifestyles so many of us lead.

The best part about this is, that there are masses of social media options, so your company shouldn’t find it too difficult to find a platform that works well with your type of business. Let’s assume, just to give an example, social media for Marbella real estate would be the ideal way to go for you. Another good thing about using social media platforms for marketing is that you are less likely to be a victim of ad-blocking technology. Consumers are subjected to countless brands every day, on their laptops, mobiles, tablets and other devices and if they feel spammed they have the option of using a software to block you. For this reason your ads need to be creative, interesting and relevant to your customer base.

The bandwagon is filling up fast

Major organisations (think banks and popular food outlets, supermarkets, transport companies etc.) use apps to communicate with their customers and although far less personal, this is no doubt preferable for both parties because it cuts out the time and cost involved in the communication and can even reduce admin, paperwork etc. For example, most banks offer their services to customers through apps, and who wouldn’t jump at the chance to avoid those typically lengthy and frustrating conversations? It doesn’t seem that most people are particularly fond of their banks, but if you can get your customers to feel a fondness for your brand, then they would be likely to jump at the chance to use your app or communicate with you via social media. App development in Marbella has naturally been accelerated by this development too.

More and more marketers are using social messaging and advertising through apps as a way to reach their customer base and the more creative this is, the better; after all, competition for attention is intense and attention spans increasingly short. Creative social media campaigns – think specific social media for Marbella real estate for example are at least one of the ways forward. You can use Twitter for this kind of thing and offer discount codes for online orders through various apps or social media channels. This is simple, but effective marketing.

Now that more than half of all online sales happen via customer mobile devices a whole world of marketing possibilities has opened up to sellers who are tech savvy and of course to those who are not – there’s always someone out there who can do it with you or create app development in Marbella for you. You’ll just need the savvy to choose the right one! If you’re short on ideas on how best to promote your particular products and services through mobile apps and social media networks, Optimasit can help – it’s what we do best.