When you have a marketing budget, there can be many options as to how to invest your money wisely. The goal is obvious: you want new customers and you want them to be loyal, but trial and error can be expensive when it comes to best online marketing in Marbella; you need to get your approach right, right  from the get-go.

Enter email marketing. The inexpensive marketing solution that allows you to reach your customers – and potential customers – in a very personal place: their Email inbox. When you consider that 91% of American adults accept promotional mails from companies they have previously bought from, and that Email is considered to be around 40 times more likely to get you new customers than Facebook and Twitter put together, it starts to look like a no-brainer!

  1. You can build trust through newsletters

If you are consistent in sharing useful, informative content via email, you will get the attention of your customers. Especially, if you’re not asking for anything in return. This way your customers will  feel valued and they can trust you to not be ‘all about the money’. The best way to do this is by sending regular email newsletters. If you don’t have experience or if you don’t have time because you are self-employed, you can get in contact with an agency solution, like OptimaSit, who do the best online marketing in Marbella.

  1. Sales will almost certainly be boosted

If you’ve got the newsletters landing in inboxes and attracting attention, the next logical consequence is sales. If you’ve got your content right the results can even be instantaneous with people heading straight for your website or picking up their phones, especially when you have already established a rapport with that customer.

  1. Relationships continue to grow

As we’ve said above, it’s all about the relationship. Your customers must feel that they’re important to you, and this will be achieved through your direct communication. Emailing them regularly – without spamming them and always with relevant and useful content – keeps you fresh in your customers’ minds and the lines of communication open at any given time.

  1. You can promote your services without spamming

While your emails are providing interesting and useful content to your email list, they will also display (without any form of resentment) what services, products and promotions you are offering on a regular basis. Nobody wants to be spammed, for this reason Optima-sit is dedicated to provide the best online marketing in Marbella that can help you to make your content more interesting.

  1. Progress is fast and you can monitor it

Email marketing is very simple to monitor and the insights it will give you will keep you one step ahead in your industry. You have an excellent opportunity to understand your customers’ ongoing requirements and interests. This agency solution will increase web traffic and you will be able to see which campaigns are working, who clicked through to your site from which e-mail links. This way you will know which content is the most engaging and keep working with it.

  1. You always have easy access to your customers

When you consider that people spend so much time on their smart phones these days, it is easy to connect with your customer in any location, at any time of day. Two-thirds of all emails are opened on mobile devices these days, so it pays to make sure that your communication can easily be read in this format. For this reason, attachments aren’t always going to be the best idea – you should keep the content visible within the e-mails’ main body.

  1. You can generate new business

Not everyone who signs up to your email list will buy a product or service immediately, but your subsequent emails will give you the chance to get their attention and cultivate a relationship. You can also post the content from your newsletters on your social media networks to attract new business in that way. If you want the best online marketing in Marbella you should contact us. Optima-Sit  is always ready to give you intel and the best agency solution for your business.

  1. You’ll appear more professional

Email templates are a good idea because they’re designed to make you look professional, plus they are very easy to use. You can apply your own content to the template, customizing it to suit your business logo and brand.

If you are looking for some assistance with your best online marketing in Marbella, as in Email marketing or marketing in general, then OptimaSit is an agency solution  ready and waiting to give you a helping hand. Our team of experts know all there is to know about Email marketing, so your business is in safe hands with us.