If you have an online business or a website relating to your business, then you have to know that it changes very quickly and that you must keep up with these changes.  Mobile technology has taken off like a rocket in recent years, as most people are now using mobile phones and tablets equipped with apps and software that makes their lives easier and their businesses function smoother.  Everything is condensed into a small and compact little office that sits neatly in your pocket or bag and it’s wonderful.

This is great for on the go business people that need to have everything around them at the touch of a button.  Phones are now made smarter and bigger to compensate for software packages that have to be used in everyday business ventures.  Things are working very well in these areas and there is no going back from the mobile revolution.  So what does this mean for your business and the way in which it perform alongside modern technology?  It’s a fact that…


  • 99% use mobile devices to search for content and information


  • 63% of all Internet access is from mobile devices


  • 62% of users access email from mobile devices


  • 15% make purchases from mobile devices


If your business is behind in these areas, like many others being reported lately, then this means that your business is seriously being left out in the cold.  Figures show that around a staggering 84% of companies are lacking a formal mobile strategy which is not only bad practice but detrimental to the longevity of your online success.  If you have an online presence but are not using mobile strategies, then you are throwing bad money after good.  If you are going to have a chance then you must compete in this area.

So what can be done about it?  Firstly it is good to know what is available out there, how it is used and what strategy is the best for your business.


Make your own website mobile

This is probably the first imperative step to making your online business presentable and easy to navigate.  It is crucial that the function and flow is easy and all the necessary points of access are clear and unscrambled.  Nobody likes a scrappy website, where they have to look around for clues and potential clients or customers will not hang around if it is so.  You must have a responsive design in action for this to work in your favour.


Socially Friendly

Everyone is on one social media platform or another so its very important that you are too. So making sure that your now fully responsive website is loaded with all the relevant social buttons for sharing information on your business between yourselves and them, so they can do the same.  Word travels fast on social media and as long as your social networking is a proper working order, so then will be your business.  It’s the circle of social media.


Spread it around the office

Seems as everyone is in a sharing mood, why not have the advantage over your competition by sharing tools and software amongst your staff.  This makes it easier for them to do their job, whilst being able to communicate with each other more efficiently.  They can use certain applications like internet scheduling, calendars, cloud based platforms and even presentations.  This in turn makes your business flow better and therefore make it more efficient too.


…Or out of the office

If some of your business is conducted out of office, or if your business is as mobile as your mobile phone, then one idea you could use would be to incorporate a point of sale payment method to your mobile device.  You can then send relevant details via email without having to travel huge distances in the process.  You can be just as efficient on the road and out of the office as you can at your desk.


mobile software



It’s all about speed and agility and the constant flow of communication that makes your business stand out, be successful and makes it easier for your staff members to do a great job instead of a mediocre one.  The time saved in the efficiency of movement of your business is everything and the less time spent on paperwork and more on sharing digital documentation and information, is time well spent and saved indeed.


mobile software


Because I’m appy!

Using apps to be able to manage yourself and your time better is fast becoming a craze in the mobile world and for all the right reasons.  Not only can you use them for your own time management but for scheduling, maps, invoicing and accounting etc.  Go Mobile Apps!


The QR Queen

We know, they’ve been around for a while now but that shouldn’t take away from the value of a thing. The cute little QR code does make for a speedy entry into your business online world, so try to incorporate them into your business where you can.  There are lots of things that have been around for a long time, that’s why they are still around, because when something works, it works!

These are some ideas for the changing face of the mobile online business as it stands today.  Mobile marketing is gaining momentum and if you’re not in the race then you will get left behind in a cloud of mobile dust.

OptimaSit.com understands your business and it functions and knows instinctively what it needs to perform better and smarter, not only using mobile applications and strategies but growing your business from start to finish if necessary.  Whatever the task required to grow and maintain your business, it will be done…

We’re not just optimistic, we’re OptimaSit.com!