mobile websitesGoogle has updated its Adwords Campaigns reflecting the strong increase in mobile usage and mobile searches in specific. Now that mobile searches have outrun the number of PC searches (more than 60% of all Google searches originate from mobile devices), it’s rather obvious that the online search engine leader adjust its offering.

Under the initiative “Enhanced Campaigns”, customers can now differentiate their strategy with emphasis on Mobile Bidding Control, Targeting Options and Call Extensions. Budgets can be set independently for  Mobile visitors to Google and associated ads being displayed.

Google wouldn’t be Google if it weren’t attempt to maximise its revenues so as a word of caution make sure to ‘know’ what you do when creating your next or maintaining your current campaigns. Either way, starting June 2013 all existing campaigns will be automatically converted to these Enhanced Campaigns which will bring extra money in the pocket…and if you’re not careful, it won’t be YOUR pocket!

As we reported before, sending a mobile user to a non-mobile adapted site is throwing away your money since 70% of all mobile visitors to a non-mobile adapted site leave the page instantly and never return…and you pay the moment they click to go to your page. Deception being great, you not only lost the money paid to Google, you also lost the client…forever as people with a bad user experience will never consider your business in the future (see Google Report 2012)…nor recommend your business to noone.

Whether you now use Adwords or not, fact remains that not being present on the Mobile market with a decently adapted version of your website to mobile, you are losing a lot of real customers and money. And isn’t this precisely what we do not need especially in times of crisis?

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