Your website is the first port of call your customers go to when they want to find out about you, for this reason you need the help of the best online marketing in Marbella. They may do a little more digging than that, checking out your social media, LinkedIn etc., but your website is what will create their first impression of your business, for this reason you need the help of the best online marketing in Marbella. It goes without saying that if you want your brand to be taken seriously, your online representation must be polished, user-friendly, informative and visually appealing.

These days it is no longer enough to have ‘any old website’. Now that virtually everything happens online, having a basic website constructed with little effort or design sense (however functional it may be), is the equivalent of having a shop sign in tacky font with letters missing from it: customers won’t be compelled to enter. In other words, your credibility is at stake.

You might be surprised at just how much of a positive impact a new web design (or an overhaul of the old one) might have on business. Studies show that well-designed and constructed websites increase traffic and thus generate more business. Of course your products and services will have to walk the talk, but the first thing you notice about a person is usually their appearance and it’s no different for your business website.

People want to be visually impressed, whether they’re aware of it or not. If the interface matches the visual calibre of your site, people will happily browse, leading to conversions you may not have attained with a second-rate, non-user-friendly site.

  1. User-friendly navigation

If your customers can’t easily navigate your site, patience will wear thin fast. Just because you are familiar with your site’s functionality, it doesn’t mean it will be obvious to the next visitor. Any awkwardness they experience will have them hot-footing it back to Google’s search engine for the next in line.

Navigation is especially important if you have a lot of pages. Relevant links in place will guide your customers through the site to where you want them to be, and they’ll feel guided too. Convenience is king in the modern world, and this also applies to your website; it might take a little more planning and effort, but this is what has to be done if you want conversions. While your style does the ‘wowing’, your navigation must be incredibly simple and effective. Make search boxes prominent and put menus in sensible positions, with concise drop-downs.

Another point to consider is that the information you are conveying should be placed strategically. The most relevant and lucrative information should be placed within the upper left-hand column, as this is where your customers’ attention will most often land first.

  1. A consistent brand

Assuming your company has a logo already, this may appear in the public domain, whether that be on printed materials, email signatures, business cards or your social media. It may not be an issue if you wish to upgrade your logo with a nod to the previous design, but where possible, brand consistency should be adhered to. It is worth sticking to a similar colour scheme and applying this as a theme to your website, so that previous customers will not be in for any surprises.

Customers will appreciate your consistency – it will make you appear to know what you’re doing, as opposed to seeming overly changeable. Customers tend not to like too much change; better not to risk drastic changes leading to negative perception.

Customers are more likely to trust your business if it is well-presented, consistent and informative. The idea is to make it not only slick in appearance, but also welcoming; the more useful information and/or freebies you give away, the more people will see you as a business that cares about customer experience. Your brand will be looked upon favourably and customers will return time and time again.

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  1. Succinct content with strategic SEO

Last but most definitely not least, your content must be second-to-none. For a start, it tells (and reinforces) your brand’s values and mission over and over. Rather than being excessively wordy, you’ll retain attention with succinct wording, good presentation and complementary images for visual impact.

Too much text puts people off – they can’t be bothered to read it, and it can make the page look very busy. Allowing spaces between the content makes the whole package visibly pleasing to customers and doesn’t demand too much of their eyes.

Then of course there is good old SEO. It’s a necessary thing, whether you understand it or not. SEO can be an education of its own, so it’s little wonder that most people hire web designers rather than undertake this laborious part of the process themselves. If you want to remain fresh in Google’s eyes, you’ll have to be careful to put up regular content with well=placed SEO in it.

Yes, there’s a lot to this branding malarkey… and web-design… and content… and SEO. At Optimasit we understand this; it’s part of what makes us the best online marketing and technology agency in Marbella. We know our stuff, and we do these grueling parts for you so that you come out stress-free and shining.