RTV Marbella’s Nicole King interviews OptimaSit.com CEO.


Marketing strategies today

Geert Rillaerts – CEO & Founder OptimaSit.com


Hear the from the Founder and CEO himself on why OptimaSit.com knows its biggest year since its start 5 years ago. The online landscape has been, still is and always will continue changing whereas each business must adapt and change accordingly

Uniting all different aspects of Marketing & Technology allows for companies to deal with one trusted advisor versus having to work with different “specialists” which creates a management nightmare. OptimaSit.com offers all these experts under one roof and within one global Service Level Agreement.

Corporate identity, design of your brand(s) all throughout your organisation and on all communication media. This includes any type of publicity, communication, websites, emails, printed or online advertisements, etc. Technologies need to be made to enable easy positioning and simple to update frequently. A solid technical architecture needs to be underneath your websites, maintained and monitored 24/7. The best practices on formatting for all devices and browsers need to be deployed and in line with marketing decisions.
Finally, all legal aspects need to be taken into account, such as Cookies law, Data Protection law, etc.

All these elements are inseparably linked and woven into each other that it takes more than a coordinated communication to make this flow naturally. Hence the reason of existence and the modus operandus of OptimaSit.com

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