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With new forms of technology continuing to emerge into both society and business at unfathomable speeds, it is easy to miss things that can greatly benefit our lives. Most of us are on the ball when it comes to personal convenience, keeping track of which apps or devices most enhance our daily goals.

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On a business front, it is perhaps true that busy CEOs have less time to keep on top of which new tech would best benefit the business, what with the endless marketing and operations considerations. They need to be able to rely on an extremely dedicated and sharp-minded team so that they remain ahead of the game. This could be why so many businesses tend to be a little behind when it comes to adapting to the latest trends in tech.

With this in mind, we’ve got a few suggestions about which current technology trends might benefit your business:

  1. Wearable technology

Wearables have been on the market a little while now, and the first thing we think of when we hear this word is smartwatches or fitness bands. People love convenience, and they love to be able to gain more insight into themselves. This could be a winning combination for your business, if it aids your employees’ productivity.

Healthy staff are happy staff are productive staff; it’s a simple equation. Not only that, but these devices are sought after and not necessarily the cheapest indulgence for staff with financial commitments. On the whole though, tech such as fitness trackers can be sourced relatively inexpensively; most employees would probably jump at the chance to use this kind of tech at the company’s expense, and it’s a lot less of an expense than company cars, when you think about it.

There are lots of creative ways to use these to get maximum engagement from your workforce, and as there are motivational factors built into the corresponding apps (like ‘competing with friends’ stats), you could really motivate your staff easily at little cost.

If you want to stretch to smartwatches, you’ve suddenly got yourself a very reachable workforce with the capability to get things done much more quickly and with less margin for error. This could mean less travel delays, better timekeeping, faster response times, more efficient meeting arrangements, etc.

  1. Augmented Reality

This one has caused quite a stir, with technophiles and gamers all over the world waiting with baited breath to take virtual reality to the next level. With the recent announcement from Microsoft that its AR headset (HoloLens glasses) is to be released to developers in 2017, the wait is almost over.

However, it doesn’t look as if gamers are Microsoft’s number one target. It’s businesses, going by the capability Microsoft have endowed HoloLens with. Meetings will be enhanced by remote collaboration, the showcasing of designs and many more things.

The demonstrative aspect of this tech is surely an asset to businesses, as it makes plans and ideas much more communicable. What’s more, the novel holographic/3D aspect will mean that users are going to be excited to use these new features, giving business communications a whole new lease of life.

  1. 3D Laser Printing

3D printing is already out there and in use, with varying degrees of sophistication. It may be in use on a small scale right now, but that is set to change when major corporations are able to acquire them and train staff to use them. This tech has major potential and will surely be one of the key shapers of future enterprise.

Firstly, the capability of these printers can be as astonishing to new eyes as mp3s were to ears only conversant with music tapes. This high-speed printing is incredibly precise and can form 3D items in no time at all. You are literally building something ‘out of thin air’, at a few presses of buttons. This offers a lot of scope for coming up with a perfect design very quickly indeed; it will also bring traditional manufacturing costs down in a big way.

Wait a minute… that’s certainly not all.

These three new developments in tech are interesting and exciting, sure. If we tried to deliver all of the possibilities currently available to aid your business operations, we would be writing an ebook rather than a blog… but that doesn’t mean we don’t know about them!

Even if the above technology seems like a distant point on the horizon for your business, there are undoubtedly options out there that you haven’t thought of; options that will be totally accessible, affordable and may enhance your day to day activities in ways you’ll be eternally grateful for.

There’s only one sensible thing to do, really: give Optimasit a call and let us know what your business requirements are. We are confident that we’ll know just which technology will work best for you and your business.