As a Marbella based online marketing company we know that mobile marketing is growing exponentially in popularity and anybody serious about marketing their business will need to take it into consideration if they don’t want to be left lagging behind competitors. You’d have to be blind not to notice that a vast percentage of most countries’ populations are addicted to their mobile phones. Whatever your opinion of this is, it is certainly not only the mobile phone industry that is taking advantage of it.


Choose your apps and avoid mishaps

These days there seems to be an app for everything. Our app development in Marbella team knows that everything you can think of has an app related to it, from cooking perfect rice, to fitness monitors, astrology and dating. Almost all smart phone and tablet users will have a series of apps on their phone, so it figures that apps have now become an efficient advertising method. The problem with this is that it can annoy the user a little too much, as that’s not what they signed up to the app for in the first place. If they’re getting bombarded with the same message time and time again, whatever it is, they’ll get tired of using the app. It has a similar effect on the perception of the customer as an unsolicited telesales call, even if it is a little less intrusive.

It is important to make sure your customers do not feel irritated by your messages – it doesn’t take a moment for them to disable your notifications and/or uninstall your app and there is enough choice out there for them to replace your app in less than a minute. If done wisely, your customers will be kept informed about your business while consistently valuing and using your app.


Choosing and creating your app  

This can be the hardest part. It’s easy to for anyone to find and download an app but when you want to make one yourself it’s not even just the technical know how that needs to be taken into consideration. What you will need to decide is what will make for useful functions, what will give your customers the perception of value and keep them interested in using it regularly, and you will need knowledge of the behaviours and desires of the demographic you are appealing to.

When it comes to mobile marketing in general, Optimasit (professionals in app design Costa del Sol) are confident that we have the know-how and the solutions to create exactly the kind of app, as well as the marketing strategies you’ll use it for. Our Android and iPhone app development consultants will help determine what the needs are for each app and can provide alternatives where necessary.


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Images speak volumes

The saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ was never truer than in marketing. In fact, they may say more to your customer than the actual content you’ve offered, or alter their perspective on that content. For this reason it’s imperative to select the most congruous of imagery. However many pictures you use they are only beneficial if they convey the message they need to, which is essentially your ‘call to action’. What is it that you want them to do, and does your image encourage that?


Vary your message as well as your approach

If a business bombards their customers with similar messages, via an app or any other means, it turns them off. They will start to feel as if their name to you is nothing more than letters in a database; they’ll feel that to you they’re a thing to be coerced or persuaded, and possibly into something entirely superfluous to their lives. Building a rapport with customers can be a challenge if you don’t have a niche product or service, or you have so many customers that it’s hard to keep up. Nevertheless it is still important to make your approach as personal as you possibly can. Ask for and pay attention to their preferences and interests – treat them as individuals. There are many methods of doing this, and software is available that has been designed to make this a little easier when dealing with large numbers. Nevertheless, a certain amount of ingenuity is required if you don’t want to come across as clichéd or insincere. Your reputation can be damaged by poor marketing attempts and should be an equal consideration. If you want assistance with your reputation management, we are happy to help.