Mobile internet will be the principal way people connect online in 2013…that much is sure. So what does this mean for Smartphone manufacturers…and more importantly: for YOU?


The growth of the technology market in the coming 5 years is beyond any doubt lead by Smartphones. In 2012 the leader in number of devices was Samsung with about 50% of all Smartphones rolling out of their manufacturing plants. 2nd in row was Apple who took 25% of the market with its iPhone. The remaining 25% is shared between the other smaller Smartphone manufacturers such as Ericsson, Microsoft, HTC, Nokia, RIM (Blackberry) and LG.

There will be many new models seeing daylight, but what is even more confusing for you the consumer, is the battle between operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry… It is generally assumed that this battle mainly is fought between Apple (iOS) and Google (Android), yet many people neglect the fact that Microsoft (Windows) not only is a super power in the technology space and that due to the declining market for PC’s and PC software, they have no choice other than to put all their weight into the fastest growing technology market: the Smartphone.

The biggest players in the market as usual want more and more of the cake and therefore Google is working together with its subsidiary Motorola at developing its own device referred to as the X Phone, expected to be in stores in 2013. Not completely a surprise seen its smartphonesworld power of Smartphones with their Android platform and the ownership of Motorola. More of a surprise however is that also Facebook allegedly would be working together with HTC on a phone the most popular network would be branding its own (news rumour dated May 2012)…however no recent updates are to be detected anywhere.

There is a potential risk Google is taking here besides the financial one that it could suffer with a failure. Jeopardising further its relationship with main Android hardware manufacturer Samsung is, to say the least “daring”.

Tablets are following Smartphones in the technology space, yet will unlikely ever outgrow Smartphones due to Smartphone portability making it everyone’s best companion.

Another thing to watch in the battle of the Smartphones is the patent war these giants are fighting. There was a time patents were only in place to protect the rightful owners of inventions; nowadays they are also used to weaken its adversary or even to eliminate them all together.


2013 will be a key year for the technology giants. Choices for the consumer wont become easier, especially now that Microsoft is preparing to hit hard and tempt many more buyers into buying devices running their Windows Mobile OS. Google takes a big risk and it remains to be seen whether X Phone will reach stores and whether no more damage then benefit it is creating for them. Apple on their hand need to remain creative and keep on reinventing themselves (something they have proven to be great at) as little by little they will keep on losing more market share to their aggressive competition.

What should you buy? Well…that’s really up to you and how critical you evaluate your purchase. The good news is that with the rise of the Web Apps, you have less to fear as they remain compatible to all devices and Operating Systems. Contact us to find out more about Web Apps and how also you can benefit from this revolutionary new way of reaching your customers!