As the world went mobile, now with more than 60 percent of searches initiated from a mobile device, OptimaSit released a free compact guide to Mobile Sites which you can go download here: Download the latest information about Mobile Sites >>

Virtually any business can benefit from their own mobile website today. The earlier a company adopts this technology, the bigger its competitive advantage will be since only a few companies have made the step to go mobile.

Any business with local presence that wants to increase the number of potential customers contacting their local stores or offices, restaurants or service locations, has the choice between one of the five Types of Mobile Sites. These types are defined based on content, objective and complexity. Most brick & mortar stores as well as restaurants and local offices will opt for a Microsite. Microsites are simplified websites that provide information on the nature of the business, its services and/or products, and how to get in touch with the business, whether by phone, email, social network or in person with driving directions. All these functions are seemlessly built in with miticulous attention to the user-friendly navigation of a mobile device.

The level of complexity and information needs to be weighted against the usability and value to obtain the goals of a mobile site. These goals are usually different from the ones for a desktop site as they serve users on the go seeking a solution or answer to their immediate needs and within their vicinity. Generally mobile sites provide answers to these needs, which are typically a product or a service to buy now. This time factor is essential in understanding the way a site needs to be built, both in terms of response times as well as navigation and search facilities.