Marbella, September 13th 2016: Today marked the announcement of the launch of the Optima-CRM software for Real Estate agencies. It is a revolutionary and pioneering system, created by OptimaSys Group Spain which is focused on real estate agencies and the building sector, who have chosen Marbella for their official launch next Thursday 15th September in the auditorium of the Andalucía Lab.

The press conference, which took place in the Town Hall, has had the support of Manuel Morales López, the Delegate of Innovation and Electronic Administration, and Geert Rillaerts, the founder of OptimaSys Group Spain. Morales, has expressed his pride for Marbella being chosen as the headquarters for the first appearance of an initiative like this one. Rillaerts himself has described the software as unique for the reason that “there is no other software with these features that exists on a global level”.

The creation of Optima-CRM provides the answer to both the local and the international lack of a comprehensive solution for real estate businesses. This new concept combines the positive aspects of property systems that already exist with a great number of elements that until now were being developed. In this process nearly all the aspects of how a real estate business uses a system of management have been revolutionised, supported by the new technology. It has relied on the collaboration and integration of solutions on the part of Dow Jones, the business founded in New York in 1882, and a leader in the publication of financial information. In this way, Optima-CRM is becoming the first software where real estate agencies can rely on the integration of their prestigious services. Optima-CRM was put into practice for the first time in January 2016 as a pilot version for fifteen clients and since then it has been receiving relevant feedback to help to improve it.

The international launch, where seats are limited and registration is obligatory, will take place this September 15th in the Andalucía Lab as part of the Real Estate Conference 2016. This conference is free of charge and numerous businesses and individuals in the sector will be attending. One guest of particular interest will be Rodrigo Espinosa, a specialist in Risk and Compliance at the Dow Jones London office.

In fact, many Real Estate agencies have already confirmed their attendance at the conference, where they will learn first-hand about how Optima-CRM can help them to achieve growth and success in the market. Furthermore, there will be demonstrations of how this new multi-lingual, multi-cultural software can help these businesses to comply with the rules and regulations that are typical of the real estate industry. Furthermore, it will mean a unique networking opportunity and there will be a raffle with the chance to win excellent prizes. Seats are limited and registration is obligatory.

The reason that Marbella has been chosen as the headquarters of the launch is due to its enormous market potential and the returning of opportunity that the city is presenting following the crisis. Furthermore, the Costa del Sol is the primary market of holiday homes in Spain, which means that Optima-CRM is the best-equipped solution, as it is designed for this type of Real Estate. As Marbella is the most luxurious of the Costa del Sol resorts in Spain, the opportunity is huge for the agencies, which is why the need for software with these features was so high.

The aim is to expand the implementation of this software to a nationwide level at first, then continuing to develop it internationally. It is expected that between 200 and 300 businesses will begin to use it in the near future and that this number will rise in the long run to 1000 business in Europe.